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PlayLine: How It Works

How Does PlayLine Work?

Step 1: Pick a contest from the contest lobby.

The first step is to pick and join a contest. PlayLine users are able to see all open contests and sort the contests by size, fee, prizes and start time. If you want to focus on a specific sport or league, PlayLine users can select that specific sport or league and view only their open contests.

PlayLine offers a range of contests for everyone. There are beginner contests, available only to new users. Simple contests with lots of winners. And big contests where the elite compete for big cash prizes. Users are welcome to try each and every type of contest and are free to switch their preferences over time.

Once you have found the contest you want, you are free to join and begin the next step.


Step 2: Predict the player stat lines

Unlike more traditional daily fantasy sites – which require you to set a complicated and tedious line-up using a salary cap – PlayLine picks the players for you and only requires you to predict their stat lines.

With our player profiles, predicting stat lines is easy. You see right on the contest page the average stats of the plays and their game logs for the season. The type of contest will determine the statistical categories required, but unlike salary cap leagues where you need to spend so much time optimizing your line –up and uncovering hidden value, predicting the stats is quick an easy.

Scoring is based on a combination of total statistics – like traditional fantasy sports – and accuracy bonuses. Closer you prediction is, the higher your point total will be. PlayLine is also offering “Perfect Line Bonus” prizes. In certain contests, if you predict every statistic correct for every player in the contest, PlayLine is offering up to a $10,000,000 prize. No other site is offering you the chance to get paid just like the athletes themselves!


Step 3: Watch and Win

Every PlayLine contest has a live page, where users can track their point totals and rankings in real time. As the game progresses, players will see their point totals increase as they enter into bonuses ranges. Once all the games in the contest have finished, players can review the contest and see where they finished and if they won.